Project Status Update

March 10th 2020 – Phase 1 of the IRIS Project (Finance/HR/Payroll) is still on track, and going according to the project plan. Based on the analysis of the responses to our RFP last month, we have come up with selecting two possible solutions:

  • Sage X3/SABA for a full-stack solution 
  • Unit 4 Business World for Finance/HR & ADP for HR/Payroll

Next steps for vendor selection

We will now conduct interviews and take into account these vendors’ references (from other universities) about the solutions and their implementation project. 

We have invited the vendors to run scripted demos from March 24 to April 3. Scripts have been created with the functional teams in order to list and explain our specific needs. These demos will be recorded and made available online. Based on the demos, the reference calls and a detailed pricing proposition, the project team will decide which solution is selected on April 17th. 

The next step will be to negotiate the contract to start implementation in June. For a more detailed version of the project timeline, please see our dedicated page.

Next phases

Concerning the next phases of the IRIS project, the schedule needs to be adjusted. The next phase (SIS) was originally planned for the second quarter 2020. However, it is postponed due to scope redefinition and matters of resource allocation.

We will give you more information about these adjustments in the communications to come. 

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