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December 23th 2020 – Despite the sanitary situation, the IRIS project is still moving forward but some adaptations were required during the last few months. Here is an overview of what has been accomplished and the updated roadmap of the project.

Originally planned in April, the evaluation of the solutions for the Finance/HR component of the IRIS project finally took place in early August with the only remaining bidding vendors (Unit 4 for the Finance modules and ADP for the Payroll one). A series of scripted demos was conducted during five days to see in action all features and have our questions answered. After this evaluation, the project team concluded that the solution fulfilled the comprehensive list of requirements we have established upfront and submitted this proposition to the board of Trustees who approved it in September.

October was dedicated to the contract negotiation with the vendors and to the finalization of the scope of work for this first phase of the project. At this time, the start of the implementation was planned for November, however, because of the current unstable situation of the university due to the sanitary crisis, it’s been decided to re-think the global planning of the project and to postpone the start of this implementation.

Thus, the Project Core Team worked on a new adapted plan with the following modifications:

  • Postpone the implementation of the Finance/HR solution to Fall 2021. This decision was based on the unavailability of a key resource until October 2021 and the clarification of financial situation of the university business for the year 2021
  • Start the SIS requirement and vendor selection phase in Spring 2021. Indeed, it appeared that, in the best interest of the project success, we needed to have more visibility on the SIS solution as some areas of the Finance solution, especially the analytics elements, are strongly dependent on data collected from the SIS database.
  • Start the implementation of the Admissions/Alumni CRM module of the project in Spring 2021. As a matter of that, this module has a high potential for the university to improve our communication with applicants and optimize our recruitment and outreach processes with a reasonable amount of implementation work.

In addition, we are now starting building up the Data Governance group with the help of our Consultants at Moran Technologies.

To get a global vision on the new project plan, please visit the project website at

The IRIS Project Core Team is very well aware of the importance of the project for the university and the necessity for this project to be successful despite the current uncertain situation. In consequence, a high sense of agility and attention was and is still required to adapt the project to maximize its chances of success.

May you have any questions about the project, feel free to contact the IRIS Project Manager (Pierre-Yves Vasener) at

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