Project Status Update

October 5th 2021 – We are entering a very active phase of the project and we would like to inform you where we are for each project components.

Customer Relationship Management System (Slate)

The implementation of our new CRM, Slate, began in May 2021 with the Admissions Office. Applications for Spring and Fall 2022 admission are live in this new system and students will begin receiving admissions decisions in early October. Slate features a checklist that is integrated to applicant data and will replace the existing web checklists for incoming new students. Meetings have occurred with the departments involved in the checklists and it will be available for our incoming Spring 2022 students.    

Finance/HR System (Unit 4 ERP)

A Unit 4 project manager has been nominated and presented a implementation timeline to the project Core Team this summer. The first phase (named ‘Familiarize’) will start on October 14th and will consist of a series of workshops to collect the fits and gaps of the solution with our needs. The scheduling of these workshops is currently in the finalization phase in collaboration with the university project team members and Unit 4 consultants. They will take place between Mid-October 2021 and Mid-January 2022. Then, the next phases (Implementation, Test and Deployment) will follow for an expected go-live in August 2022 (New fiscal year).  

Payroll (ADP)

In parallel with the Finance/HR implementation, we will migrate our current Payroll system to a more modern solution of the same company (ADP). The detailed planning of this migration will be elaborated concurrently with the planning of the ERP implementation phase to make sure the necessary HR information are in place in the ERP to feed the new Payroll system.  

Phase 2: Student Information System (SIS) & Facility Management System (FMS)

Finally, the second phase of the project (including the SIS and FMS) will start in Spring 2022 for a planned go-live date of September 2023 for the SIS and January 2023 for the FMS. We will give you more information on this second phase in the upcoming communications.  

Data Governance

Data governance will be in charge of concepts such as data stewardship, data quality, and others to help our institution gain better control over our data assets, including methods, technologies, and behaviors around the proper management of data. A charter describing the structure, roles and responsibilities has been edited and approved by the Leadership Team in September. We are now working with our Consultants (Moran Technology) to communicate about it and start implementing the structure and processes. The Data Governance Group will assure that the data in the new systems will be entered and used the most efficiently in the global scope of the university.  

We have updated the website with a more visual and up-to-date timeline for the whole project, we invite you to have a look at it at If you have any unanswered questions about the IRIS project, please don’t hesitate to contact Pierre-Yves Vasener.

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