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November 26th 2021 – Here is a new status update about the various components of the IRIS Project.

Customer Relationship Management System (Slate)

The implementation of our new CRM, Slate, began in May 2021 with the Admissions Office.  Applicants for Spring 2022 used the new online application and starting October 7 have been receiving admissions decisions on those applications.  Counselors and program directors will continue to review applications on a rolling basis.  Several checklists are being developed to aid in the admissions process including a pre-arrival checklist, admissions confirmation checklist and housing checklist.  The information in these checklists will reside in Slate but be integrated with CAMS. Currently, these new checklists are available to incoming students only, but we’ll move the one for returning students for Fall 2022. The implementation of the Admissions module of slate is planned to be completed for June 2022.

Finance/HR System (Unit 4 ERP)

The first phase of the implementation (named ‘Familiarize’) is underway and consists of a total of 40+ workshops for the teams to understand information that Unit 4 will need to configure the “base” system.  These workshops will review the fits and gaps of the solution that were identified as requirements and help AUP determine how the system will handle any gaps and/or if business processes will need to be created as workarounds. The workshops will continue through end of January 2022.  After the U4 Finance and HR module workshops are completed, the actual setup and configuration of the system will begin.  Then, an additional set of workshops will be held focusing on the U4 FP&A module which will be the future data warehouse/business intelligence tool for AUP.

In the near future, team members will be provided access to Unit 4 training prior to having access to a “sandbox” where they can start working to better understand the system. Then, the next phases (Implementation, Test and Deployment) will follow for an expected go-live in August 2022 (New fiscal year).

Payroll (ADP)

In parallel with the Finance/HR implementation, we will migrate our current Payroll system to a more modern solution of the same company (ADP). The detailed planning of this migration will be elaborated concurrently with the planning of the ERP implementation phase to make sure the necessary HR information are in place in the ERP to feed the new Payroll system.

Phase 2: Student Information System (SIS) & Facility Management System (FMS)

Finally, the second phase of the project (including the SIS and FMS) is planned to start in Spring 2022 (Request for Proposal) for a planned go-live date of September 2023 for the SIS and January 2023 for the FMS. We will give you more information on this second phase in the upcoming communications.

Data Governance

The Data Governance Council defined in the Charter has had its first meeting and will start working with a focus for the first year on the foundations data governance, support for IRIS projects and data governance communications. The Data Governance Group will assure that the data in the new systems will be entered and used the most efficiently in the global scope of the university.

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