IRIS: who does what at AUP?

Project Executive Leadership

This group defines the outlines of the project to ensure its success.

  • Provide overall leadership on the project’s outcomes
  • Ensure continued involvement in the project on the part of stakeholders
  • Review the recommendations from the Project Sponsors and make all final decisions related to IRIS

Project Sponsors

Project Sponsors hold a strategic view of the entire project.

  • Serve as executive sponsors of the project
  • Represent an escalation and decision point for major project and policy issues
  • Decide on substantial budget changes and change orders
  • Represent an escalation point for AUP project manager(s)
  • Organize monthly meetings on this topic, or more frequently if needed 

Project Manager

The Project Manager has an operational overview of the project.

  • Manages Subject-Matter Experts (SME) teams to ensure their objectives are met 
  • Ensures cross-area collaboration
  • Supervises consultants to manage quality and planning
  • Maintains and tracks the project plan, resources and schedules
  • Gathers and escalates project issues and risks
  • Prepares communications sent to stakeholders.

Data Standards Group

Data Standards Group develop and implement rigorous data standards essential to the business units.

  • Establishes guidelines for Data standards, integrity and security
  • Verifies that data content and changes can be audited
  • Checks that access to data is properly authorized and controlled
  • Makes sure change management practices are applied in maintenance of the database
  • Ensures that data stewards are identified for each data set
  • Checks if technical processes sustain data integrity

Functional Leads

The Functional Lead is in charge of a subset of the overall project team.

  • Accountable for managing staff and producing high-quality work products
  • Helps the Project Manager plan, monitor, and control the project work
  • Oversees many aspects of his or her respective project team.

Functional Teams

The Functional Team members define and explain the current process and future requirement needs in their core area.

  • They act as mentors in their area of expertise
  • Work with users to develop processes that will facilitate the implementation of the new software
  • Contribute to status reporting 
  • Help design and configure software parameters for each module
  • Identify process improvement opportunities within the new software solution 

Our partner – Moran Consulting Technology

We have chosen Moran Technology Consulting (MTC) to assist us in this project. It aims at preparing the campus for change by:

  • Documenting our business practices 
  • Gathering our requirements for the new systems 
  • Developing Requests For Proposal (RFP) for software and implementation assistance  
  • Evaluating the vendor’s responses to make a recommendation for our new systems