In 2019, ten years after our last enterprise level project (ERP), we are proud to announce the launching of the IRIS (Integrated Resource Information Systems) Project. 

Indeed, our current systems no longer meet our business needs: it is now time for AUP to accelerate its digital transformation. IRIS serves that purpose: it represents a new step in using new technologies to ensure operational excellence for the entire AUP Community. 

What is the IRIS Project?

IRIS – Integrated Resource Information Systems – designates a series of projects meant to: 

  • Complete, redesign and renovate our core Information Systems 
  • Modernize our business practices, reengineer our current processes, upgrade our current distributed core systems. 
  • Address the problems with DATA integration and integrated business processes. 
  • Establish a DATA governance operating model. 
  • Create business understanding based on DATA we collect/generate.  
  • Create business opportunities based on University’s DATA. 

What will IRIS bring to the University?

Most of our departments are using stand-alone and siloed systems. As a result, our business processes are disconnected. This, coupled with an inadequate use of resources, hinders inter-departmental efficiency.

AUP thus plans on investing significantly in the upgrade and integration of our business systems.

The objectives are to:

  • Streamline our business processes and increase efficiency.
  • Break down our institutional silos and pull out our rich data that reside in our SIS, ERP, CMS, LMS, and other subsystems.
  • Gather these data to achieve our institutional goals and gain greater insight into our business operations.
  • Develop focused reports that drive action by further exploring the greater meaning of our data.
  • Improve data privacy, security and governance.

What are IRIS goals?

How to ensure success for the IRIS Project?